Confused what product to use for acne and bacne

It’s embarrassing how much time I spent away from this blog. I have been so busy the past month and not sleeping well (less than 6 hours) because of work deadline. The only break I got was a day during the long (not so long) weekend here in Manila because of All Saints and Souls Day. I feel like my skin’s gonna break out soon because of lack of sleep. Do you know that feeling when you know a pimple is about to break out of your skin? It sucks! What I hate most is those bacne. I don’t actually know what to make of it.

If you know me personally, you would know that my only actual skin regimen is to wash off dirt every night before I sleep. Sometimes, I even forget to wash my face. I was blessed to have a skin that’s not so oily and not dry, so I rarely develop breakouts. Whenever I use products, that’s when it usually happens. I haven’t actually found a product that works well on my skin.

Even though I have a skin that’s not prone to acne, I don’ have that natural pink blush that I’m obsessed about. I guess you could say my skin is dull. My grandmother and mother have these blemishes on their faces as they grow old and they told me it’s a family mark, but I don’t want to have those blemishes when I get older!

Can anyone please suggest a good skincare solution? I’m aware of solutions being offered by dermatologists and those that are off the rack. What are the good ones?

Cause I’ve been reading a lot about Proactiv and I was wondering if it’s worth a try. I was browsing their Facebook page and saw that they have an ongoing promo. Ok kaya to buy the 60-day KitThere’s a free Deep Cleansing  Wash (worth P650) na good for bacne according to the site if I buy at Watson’s and their branches at Glorietta (the closest branch to me), Galleria and Trinoma. Hmm or maybe just buy online and ipa-door to door ko na lang. May guarantee naman yata. Help me decide please!

Oh and last question, bakit andami nilang celebrity endorsers? 😀

Red Ribbon Surprise Quote

Red Ribbon Surprise Quote

Was pleasantly surprised by this quote at the carton under a red ribbon cake.

“He who took the last slice, buys the next cake.” Indeed!

My attempt at clothes shopping

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest


I shop once a year. Whenever we go overseas for a trip is when I shop. For about 3 years in a row in 2008-2010, I shop exclusively in Hong Kong. Even then I don’t buy a lot.

Looking back at my life for the past 3 years, when I started freelancing, I rarely go out. Just during meetings and some interviews in the past. And I realized I kept on wearing the same thing on interviews. Even when I was working at a regular office, I don’t dress up because we have a very laid back environment.

A couple of weeks ago, something clicked. I am starting to build a startup company and I realized I can’t dress the same. I never believed it, but there really is something empowering about dressing well. Dress to success! I don’t mean I’ll be uber fashionista, but just wearing something appropriate for meetings and occasions.

Anyway, I was at the Mall of Asia area yesterday for the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit so after the event I went ahead and window-shop. I’m so new at this that prices of particular items scared me. I set a budget for myself. I quickly realized that the budget I set will only buy 1 blazer (something I really want to buy) or 1 jeans/pants (the nice ones). So I thought, “Oookaay, I’m not going to increase my budget.” So with a heavy heart, I left the blazer and the jeans alone and went to get 2 nice tops. I really liked what I picked and it’s something I would never wear before. But this is a year of changes for me. Baby steps.

So I guess I’d be doing this every month now. 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

One Boracay Morning

One Boracay Morning

I instantly went to this photo when I read the topic for this week’s photo challenge. It’s because I distinctly remember taking this shot in one of our Boracay trips in 2009.

It was early morning and I rarely wake up at this hour while on vacation. I sat on a beach chair fairly similar to where this woman is sitting. I took a close shot of her with just a peek of the ocean. But when I noticed how wonderful the sky is at that time (I love sky shots!), I took this one.

I remember wondering what she is doing there at this time. She was playing with the sand at one point, writing or drawing something, then gazing into the horizon. She’s probably waiting for someone, too. A vendor or a friend. I think she’s local, but I can’t be sure. She’s probably waiting for her husband on that boat (just my imagination taking over, haha). I guess I’ll never know, because I was wracking my brains trying to remember what happened next and I seriously can’t remember. So I’m just guessing.

Let’s just say she was just taking a breather from her morning walk and soaking in the beauty of this place she happens to be living in. If she’s a local, then she would have to start working a few hours from this moment. I would love to think this is just a particularly nice day and we were both lucky to be in it. Because she gets to relax and I get to take this picture.

P.S. Boracay Island, Philippines is seriously one of the best beaches in the world. It can get crazy during peak seasons (summer, March-May), but the few times we went in October and January, it was really nice and peaceful. We’re going back in February 2013 and I’m still so excited!

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Achievement unlocked: Run/walk 10km

When I went to the early morning Saturday session of the Milo Apex Running Clinic, I didn’t know I would reach one of my goals for this year. To do a 10k run. Granted that I didn’t run all the way and it’s really not an organized event, I still did it!

(Oh, the pain!)

The Milo Apex Running Clinic has been teaching beginner and advanced runners (4 groups: 5k, 10k, 21k, 42k) about the science behind running for 5 seasons now. After the Fitfil bootcamp, I’ve wondered what to do next. I have become sort of addicted to joining these organized “bootcamps” because aside from getting to know like-minded individuals, it really is great to be with friends when doing these activities.

Our Saturday sessions are dubbed “long easy mileage run”. It IS pretty long. And was NOT very easy. Here’s our route today:

Our route, from Bonifacio Highstreet infront of R.O.X. up to Bayani Rd. cor C5, more than 5km each way.