In the middle of the sea at Stilts Beach Resort Calatagan

The cottages at Stilts Calatagan

The cottages at Stilts Calatagan

I’ve read mixed reviews about Stilts Calatagan (former name is Rose Gold Beach Resort) at Tripadvisor but still looking forward to going because I haven’t gone out of town in a while. The weather strangely calmed down on Friday morning despite the bouts of rain here and there, but the almost 3-hour ride is fairly comfortable.

We had a pit stop at Bag of Beans Tagaytay for breakfast. From there it’s pretty straightforward. At about 2-3 kilometers mark from the resort at the main town, there’s a signage pointing you to Stilts followed by an anecdote that says “by invitation only”. This makes the resort sound exclusive and it kind of is!

We’ve encountered about 2-3 guards on the way to the vast property which is gated. We were the only people at the resort at around 11nn maybe because it’s a Friday and it’s rainy. Check-in was a breeze. We were helped by the staff with our bags and a representative showed us to our cottages.

cottages at Stilts Calatagan

Our cottages: the one on the right and the further one in the middle

Since we got 2 vouchers (from Deal Grocer), we were given 2 cottages. One cottage could’ve easily housed 10 (or 20!) but we were glad since 5 on each cottage is much more comfortable.

We were not able to enjoy the beach because on high tide the waves are quite aggressive because of the weather, and on low tide, the beach is rocky (extra careful on low tides because there are sea urchins, bring aqua shoes!) But some of us settled for the pool and it was quite good.

During our whole stay, the staff were very attentive and helpful. Most of the bad reviews I read are about their in-house restaurant But based on our experience, some of the very few mishaps are tolerable. The food is normal fare and ok for the price. You have an option to bring in food but you have to pay a corkage fee. We spent about 650pesos per person for lunch + dinner + a case of beer. And we all agreed that the price is not too bad.

Overall, based on this one experience, I will go back to Stilts Calatagan. The quirky feel of the resort, the surrounding and the laid-back vibe is enough for me to give it another shot. And oh waking up in the middle of the sea to this view is not bad at all.

Tagaytay cottage at Stilts Calatagan

The ocean, a hammock and fresh air, I could wake up to this everyday.

More photos of the resort:

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