A goal to inspire 1 person to exercise

a fitness goalIf you will look at the bottom part of my blog sidebar, you will see that I have set some goals for myself. There’s the usual goal weight and fitness activities, but I have also made a list of other goals that I would want to achieve including going down a swimsuit size and going below 30 on my waistline. But on top of that, you will see that the first on my list is to inspire one (yes, even just one!) person to exercise.

It took me a while to warm up to the thought of exercising daily. There are still days when I find myself struggling to get off the couch. I am not even fully committed yet, but I am trying my hardest to keep a promise to myself to move. Just move. A LOT. Every single day. It took 1 wedding, 2 boot camps, several gym days and a group of inspiring people to get me to the point of not thinking and just doing. The days when I am psyching myself out and making excuses are the hardest and I am trying to program myself to not think of excuses. The one thing that seems to be working is that when I find myself wanting to just skip a workout, I bring out my running shoes and stare at it until I feel guilty. It also helps to have a variation of activities (jog, walk around, swim, 4-min workout, climb up and down the stairs, playing Kinect, bodyweight workout set, stretching or just doing a simple sun salutation).

Now back to my goal of inspiring 1 person to exercise. An article called Cultivate Life Transforming Habits in 21 Days from the Personal Excellence blog says that to make a habit stick, you have to do it approximately 21 days. It sounds weird for me to set a criteria, but I want for this person to be able to really experience it and not just tell himself that he was really inspired by me.

I know that this is a long shot. I am one person in this big, vast world, but if I could really help inspire someone, that would be just awesome!

About Jenn

I'm Jenn, a 28-year old web developer/newlywed living in Taguig City, Philippines. At the start of 2009, I weighed in at 187lbs. In May 2011, my boyfriend of almost 9 years proposed to me and we walked down the aisle in January of this year. With all the recent changes in my life, I would like to document my journey to become my fittest and healthiest self by the time I am 30.

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