Confused what product to use for acne and bacne

It’s embarrassing how much time I spent away from this blog. I have been so busy the past month and not sleeping well (less than 6 hours) because of work deadline. The only break I got was a day during the long (not so long) weekend here in Manila because of All Saints and Souls Day. I feel like my skin’s gonna break out soon because of lack of sleep. Do you know that feeling when you know a pimple is about to break out of your skin? It sucks! What I hate most is those bacne. I don’t actually know what to make of it.

If you know me personally, you would know that my only actual skin regimen is to wash off dirt every night before I sleep. Sometimes, I even forget to wash my face. I was blessed to have a skin that’s not so oily and not dry, so I rarely develop breakouts. Whenever I use products, that’s when it usually happens. I haven’t actually found a product that works well on my skin.

Even though I have a skin that’s not prone to acne, I don’ have that natural pink blush that I’m obsessed about. I guess you could say my skin is dull. My grandmother and mother have these blemishes on their faces as they grow old and they told me it’s a family mark, but I don’t want to have those blemishes when I get older!

Can anyone please suggest a good skincare solution? I’m aware of solutions being offered by dermatologists and those that are off the rack. What are the good ones?

Cause I’ve been reading a lot about Proactiv and I was wondering if it’s worth a try. I was browsing their Facebook page and saw that they have an ongoing promo. Ok kaya to buy the 60-day KitThere’s a free Deep Cleansing  Wash (worth P650) na good for bacne according to the site if I buy at Watson’s and their branches at Glorietta (the closest branch to me), Galleria and Trinoma. Hmm or maybe just buy online and ipa-door to door ko na lang. May guarantee naman yata. Help me decide please!

Oh and last question, bakit andami nilang celebrity endorsers? 😀

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I'm Jenn, a 28-year old web developer/newlywed living in Taguig City, Philippines. At the start of 2009, I weighed in at 187lbs. In May 2011, my boyfriend of almost 9 years proposed to me and we walked down the aisle in January of this year. With all the recent changes in my life, I would like to document my journey to become my fittest and healthiest self by the time I am 30.

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