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Red Ribbon Surprise Quote

Red Ribbon Surprise Quote

Was pleasantly surprised by this quote at the carton under a red ribbon cake.

“He who took the last slice, buys the next cake.” Indeed!

My attempt at clothes shopping

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest


I shop once a year. Whenever we go overseas for a trip is when I shop. For about 3 years in a row in 2008-2010, I shop exclusively in Hong Kong. Even then I don’t buy a lot.

Looking back at my life for the past 3 years, when I started freelancing, I rarely go out. Just during meetings and some interviews in the past. And I realized I kept on wearing the same thing on interviews. Even when I was working at a regular office, I don’t dress up because we have a very laid back environment.

A couple of weeks ago, something clicked. I am starting to build a startup company and I realized I can’t dress the same. I never believed it, but there really is something empowering about dressing well. Dress to success! I don’t mean I’ll be uber fashionista, but just wearing something appropriate for meetings and occasions.

Anyway, I was at the Mall of Asia area yesterday for the Digital Influencers Marketing Summit so after the event I went ahead and window-shop. I’m so new at this that prices of particular items scared me. I set a budget for myself. I quickly realized that the budget I set will only buy 1 blazer (something I really want to buy) or 1 jeans/pants (the nice ones). So I thought, “Oookaay, I’m not going to increase my budget.” So with a heavy heart, I left the blazer and the jeans alone and went to get 2 nice tops. I really liked what I picked and it’s something I would never wear before. But this is a year of changes for me. Baby steps.

So I guess I’d be doing this every month now. 🙂

A goal to inspire 1 person to exercise

a fitness goalIf you will look at the bottom part of my blog sidebar, you will see that I have set some goals for myself. There’s the usual goal weight and fitness activities, but I have also made a list of other goals that I would want to achieve including going down a swimsuit size and going below 30 on my waistline. But on top of that, you will see that the first on my list is to inspire one (yes, even just one!) person to exercise.

It took me a while to warm up to the thought of exercising daily. There are still days when I find myself struggling to get off the couch. I am not even fully committed yet, but I am trying my hardest to keep a promise to myself to move. Just move. A LOT. Every single day. It took 1 wedding, 2 boot camps, several gym days and a group of inspiring people to get me to the point of not thinking and just doing. The days when I am psyching myself out and making excuses are the hardest and I am trying to program myself to not think of excuses. The one thing that seems to be working is that when I find myself wanting to just skip a workout, I bring out my running shoes and stare at it until I feel guilty. It also helps to have a variation of activities (jog, walk around, swim, 4-min workout, climb up and down the stairs, playing Kinect, bodyweight workout set, stretching or just doing a simple sun salutation).

Now back to my goal of inspiring 1 person to exercise. An article called Cultivate Life Transforming Habits in 21 Days from the Personal Excellence blog says that to make a habit stick, you have to do it approximately 21 days. It sounds weird for me to set a criteria, but I want for this person to be able to really experience it and not just tell himself that he was really inspired by me.

I know that this is a long shot. I am one person in this big, vast world, but if I could really help inspire someone, that would be just awesome!

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2012

This blog used to be called The Motivated Bride. It was 5 months into getting engaged when I suddenly panicked. I will be fitted for a gown soon and I want to look good in it!

Looking back at how I started seems all too superficial. But most bride to be, including those that are far fitter than I am worry about these things. So I set out writing about the wedding planning and most of the activities I did to lose weight including shopping for the right food, going to the gym, being hooked to Zumba, playing Xbox Kinect games for weightloss and breaking my bad sleeping habit.

After getting married (and failing to reach my goal weight for the big day!), I found out that aside from my previous condition (PCOS), I also have  a common hormonal imbalance issue caused by my thyroid which is called hypothyroidism. This knowledge shifted my goal to just losing weight for aesthetic purposes into really getting fitter, leaner and having more endurance and strength. This turned me into an aspiring (wanna be!) runner and pining to be an overall healthy person.

Why does it matter to tell you this boring tale before introducing my top 5 emerging influential blogs for 2012? Because like me whose advocacy turned out to be women’s fitness (naks!), these bloggers found their passion and their purpose for writing.

1. Life After Breakfast – I remember being in awe upon stumbling into Alessa’s blog the first time. I’ve always have a soft spot for artistic people and she definitely is an artistic person and a very talented one! I love the downloadable she generously share with her readers.

2. – I’ll admit I never liked reading news online. I find the leading networks website flooded with information I don’t want to read. The other local news websites didn’t do enough to pique my interest for current events. I have been fond of current events recently, thanks in part to the brilliant style of presenting the news on which is in blog format. I also love how active they are on Twitter and the copy they use because it’s easily understandable and the titles they use are interesting. Definitely one of the most successful websites today, all thanks to Maria Ressa and her team at Rappler.

3. Between Coordinates – I really love how well-designed this blog is. I have always been fond of travel blogs because I love travelling myself. Her travel stories are funny and personal and just makes me want to grab my backpack and go where she’s been! I’m also very fond of solo female travelers!

4. So What’s News – First off, people should know that this website is satirical and fictional. I often see people linking to this site fuming in anger or laughing their asses off thinking it was real. Satirical websites are not normal in the Philippines as it is in the US or UK, so this is sort of like a new thing. It takes a different kind of humor to be able to appreciate this kind of website.

5. The Urban Walker – I have always been fascinated with urban planning. I had a stage wherein I’d watch YouTube videos of game-changers in other countries when it comes to urban transportation and planning. I’m also an avid visitor of Skyscrapercity. This is why I like The Urban Walker a lot. I think topics like these should be read by a big audience so we can get people interested into changing urban life as we know it.

6. From a Traveller’s Desk – As I said, I am a big fan of travel websites. Travel posts just exhilarates me and kept me want to travel myself. This website is full of those stories that makes you want to just pack up your things and go. I love the varied posts from different people with different backgrounds and I wish to be included as a contributor to this site one of these days.

7. Pinas Thrillseeker –  I’ve always considered myself as a thrillseeker myself when it comes to travelling. But her extreme activities and mountain hikes is something I still strive to achieve. I love the portion in her blog with the itineraries and expenses.

8. The Talking Senses – I adore the randomness of this blog. The writing is just exquisite.

9. The Purple Doll – Aside from travel blogs, I find that I tend to navigate towards food blogs. Purple Doll is one of our go -to blog for food reviews. Her varied food posts and photos are enticing and makes me want to go to that restaurant right away!

10. Pinoy Pop Culture – I’m one of those people who are sentimental about their roots. I love being a Filipino and being able to read positive articles on being a Filipino makes me so proud. I’m glad for blogs like this because it reminds me that even though sometimes it’s hard to embrace love for the Philippine sbecause of what’s happening in the country, there is always something to be happy about.

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Syempre naiyak ako dito! Being a daughter of an OFW myself, I can feel the pain of being far away from a loved one. This video from Coca-Cola’s Where Will Happiness Strike Next: The OFW Project is so close to my heart.

My mom started to work on and off abroad since I was 6 years old. We would only spend 2 weeks together during the Christmas break and then another year of waiting. I got used to it after a while, and I thank the local airlines like Cebu Pacific Air for the low airfares because I can visit my mom anytime I want. She’s living in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam now and I visited her last February.

Can’t wait to see her on my wedding! I can’t promise that there would be no tears. 😀