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Eating healthy starts at the grocery

It’s always a struggle to pick the healthier food options at the grocery. Aside from the fact that you are sorrounded with yummy junk food, some of the healthier organic options are too expensive.

Some things to consider when buying food at the grocery:

– Take the basket instead of the cart. If you don’t plan on buying a month’s supply of food, it’s better to stick with the basket so you only buy the essentials. Don’t use a cart for the basket either, burn a few calories carrying your basket instead of pushing it.

– Go directly to the fruits and vegetable section and fill that basket with a couple of fruit selections. 2 or 3 sets of fruit will be good for a week as long as you portion it properly. My favorite combination are melon, papaya and banana. I also love kiwi and watermelon. For vegetables, choose greens, a couple of bellpeppers, mushrooms, carrots. Get load of onion and garlic. This will help flavor your food without adding too much salt. Herbs and spices are good too.

– Don’t forget the eggs!

– Choose whole wheat bread

– Get yourself some yogurt for snacking

– You are allowed a teaspoonful of peanut butter with your bread

– Choose low fat milk. If you are getting a full cream milk, it’s ok as long as you only have 1/4 cup per day.

– If you’re into chocolates, don’t deprive yourself and get a bar of the dark ones. Once in a while you can eat a small piece. Just don’t eat the whole bar in 1 seating!

Lastly, I don’t claim to be a food expert. I sometimes fall into the trap and eat out. And cheat my meals. This eating healthy thing is new for me. If I’m out in a restaurant, I just choose the less evil and try hard to portion control. I don’t succeed all the time. So the most important thing is to not beat yourself up. Just try harder next time.