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Whenever you are in a slump, remember how this feels like.

I have not updated this for a while. Lots of things happened in the past few weeks. I had to stop my weight training because I had a muscle strain on my lower back and had been immobilized for a week. It didn’t help that during that 1 week, I was also down with the flu and just got back on my feet this week.

Yesterday, I headed back to the gym for my boxing session and a round of Zumba class.

I really can’t explain that feeling after exercising. It must be how drug addicts feel after a fix. It felt sooo good!

I started yesterday’s session with a 20-minute speed interval on the treadmill. Then 6 rounds of 3-minute sparring with my boxing trainer. Before doing my ab workouts, he advised me to join a Zumba class to lengthen my cardio and then we did some stretches.

To top it all off, I spent 15-minutes at the sauna to release all those excess water.

The result? I felt rejuvinated!

Note to self: Whenever you are in a slump, remember how this feels like.