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Positive Reinforcement

Starting to see some definition on my legs. They are noticeably leaner. Need to do extra work on my inner thighs though.

Arms are also getting leaner, although they’re still way too big for my liking. It’s exciting to see changes and it makes me more motivated to continue!

My regular workout regimen right now is weight training 2 times a week (my trainer keeps on changing my program so I don’t get bored, but man, the intensity keeps building up!) and boxing once a week. I squeeze in a Zumba lesson per week too. I also have more energy on the treadmill which is now my bestfriend (elliptical not cutting it for me anymore, unless I raise the resistance level).

I am dreading squats now (overhead dumbbell squats in particular), but it’s toning my rear, so I can’t complain, can I?  😀

Still can’t believe I am living this lifestyle. Still in awe every time I go to the gym and actually enjoy it. I used to spend 30 minutes in there and can’t wait to get out. Now, I spend about 3-4 hours on gym days and can’t get enough!