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Achievement unlocked: Run/walk 10km

When I went to the early morning Saturday session of the Milo Apex Running Clinic, I didn’t know I would reach one of my goals for this year. To do a 10k run. Granted that I didn’t run all the way and it’s really not an organized event, I still did it!

(Oh, the pain!)

The Milo Apex Running Clinic has been teaching beginner and advanced runners (4 groups: 5k, 10k, 21k, 42k) about the science behind running for 5 seasons now. After the Fitfil bootcamp, I’ve wondered what to do next. I have become sort of addicted to joining these organized “bootcamps” because aside from getting to know like-minded individuals, it really is great to be with friends when doing these activities.

Our Saturday sessions are dubbed “long easy mileage run”. It IS pretty long. And was NOT very easy. Here’s our route today:

Our route, from Bonifacio Highstreet infront of R.O.X. up to Bayani Rd. cor C5, more than 5km each way.

Run BGC 2012 on November 25, 2012

photo credit: Run BGC on Facebook

I’m only on the 2nd month of taking my fitness  seriously. And so I’ve been like a headless chicken looking for fun fitness activities to join. From the day I ran my 1st real 5k at the 1st PNCGEPAI Takbo Para Sa Kinabukasan last July as a requirement to graduate as a Fitfil ambassador and trying to avoid it for so long, I have finally caught the running bug. After Fitfil, I’ve never felt stronger and having more endurance for a run.

I was so ecstatic when I read from Pinoy Fitness that there would be a running event hosted by BGC this year. It’s been happening since 2010 and this year it’s going to be a part of a 3-day festival that’s happening on November 23-25.

BGC is a big sponsor and part of the first Fitfil bootcamp in Manila, so I urged my team mates to participate. We are planning to join the 10k category and we have at least 3 months to train for it!

Will you be joining as well? This is gonna be fun!