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Straight from my evening jog

So sweaty!

Tonight’s routine:

  • 1min walk, steady 15min jog, 2 sets – I have never ran consistently like this before. It was slow but I didn’t dare stop to walk until my 15 minutes are up. It was a personal achievement for me.
  • Modified agility ladder drills (Used the patios at the garden of our condo complex. They are perfect replacements for an actual agility ladder!) – Fast Feet, Lateral Fast Feet (left and right), In and Out – This was tiring. And quite an ingenious exercise routine if I would say so myself.
  • 2 sets 10 reps of squats and 2 sets of step ups

I loved this routine and I should try this again.

Gym Day: Weight Training

I look forward to my gym days. After every training sessions, I feel strong and lean and light. I had 10 minutes of speed interval on the treadmill and a total body weight training which makes me really really hungry because my metabolism goes hyperactive whenever I do weight training.

It’s so hard when you are doing it, you feel like you are dying right at that moment. But after every set, I feel rejuvenated and then we go on another set.

I can’t seem to get my stance and form right at the beginning, but I pick it up as we go along. I just seem to forget everything. Next time I should be more aware of what I’m doing so my trainer won’t scold me. 😀

I should also remember the names of the exercises we’re doing so I can list it down properly.


Cardio Day

Today’s workout was intense! It was not planned like this, but I ended up with:

  • 30 minutes speed interval on the treadmill (2mins inclined walk, 5mins run for each set)
  • boxing: boxer’s warm-up, 6 rounds sparring, 3 rounds on bags, abs
  • Zumba (1.5 hours of non-stop dancing)

I feel amazing!!!