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49 Days to Go!

It’s 49 days to go ’til the big day. There are still some minor and a couple of major things we have to accomplish. I’m still not too worried yet (I’m not sure when I would be), but there are some pressing matters that we have to attend to IMMEDIATELY.

On top of everything, I will have to intensify my training and if possible come into the gym 5-6 days a week from now. Weight training is still of primary importance to me, but I have to make sure that I am also doing lots and lots of cardio. The hardest thing is to eat clean. EATING CLEAN, during the holiday season is IMPOSSIBLE. I will have to try my best to filter out what I eat whenever we go out with friends too. I think I have to follow a strict “21-days to break a bad habit” approach on this one.

I think I also need to do yoga again. My sleeping pattern is weird again.

Please please please wish me luck.


THINGS TO DO (the ones I can remember):

By end of December

  1. Distribute fabric to our PS – Fabric on hand, for distribution
  2. Hire a choir – Deciding on a supplier
  3. Print misalettes
  4. Submit ML
  5. Give go signal to invitation printer
  6. Backgrounds for photo booth
  7. Finalize rings
  8. Finalize AVP
  9. Buy bearer’s outfit – Getting from my couturier
  10. Finalize bridal jewelry – Saw something I liked
  11. Finalize FOG suit and BM suit
  12. Print table numbers/stickers – Design finished, for printing
  13. Finalize bridal car flower and offertory flowers
  14. Inform offerors and readers of their duty
  15. Gift registry

By January

  1. Buy gifts for PS
  2. Buy gifts for suppliers
  3. Buy shoes (for me)
  4. Buy cuff links for Rodney
  5. Buy prep dress
  6. Buy barong for FOB
  7. Buy neckties for male SS
  8. Buy bible
  9. Buy misc stuff (cork board, permanent markers, post its, stickers etc.)
  10. Finalize wedding car
  11. Rent car for my relatives from the province
  12. Taiwan visa
  13. Honeymoon accommodations

Our wedding cord is done!

The Motivated Bride - Wedding Cord by Project Dream Wedding

I wanted a wedding cord done because it could serve as an heirloom piece for our kids in the future. So I was really excited to have found Eyzel of Project Dream Wedding. She’s really sought after at the w@w forums because her designs are uber cool and unique!

I had no idea in mind yet how it will look like, but she asked for our wedding colors and based the design on our old wedsite. So she came up with this:

I love that it’s very contemporary and the yellow beads/crystals are sunny and happy! Can’t wait to see it in person. Still have to pay for our balance so she can have it shipped. 🙂

Wedding to-do list

Detail’s a bitch!

When you start planning a wedding , the rush to get the perfect supplier is exciting! We’ve booked about half of the most important suppliers a month after the proposal and now we are down to the tiniest details.

Church requirements:

  • Marriage banns
  • My baptismal and confirmation certificates
  • Permission letter from my parish priest
  • Pre-cana certificates (Ours will be on Saturday and Sunday at MTQ)

Marriage License requirements:

  • Certificate for the health center

Everything else is okay, we just have to file it at Taguig City Civil Register

Get the following for the Church ceremony:

  • Bible
  • Matches
  • Unity Candles
  • Arrhae
  • Offertory
  • Missalette
  • Fans for the Primary Sponsors
  • Church music

Other important stuff:

  • Have invites printed
  • Print all other printables and DIY stuff
  • Buy a corkboard
  • Collect, clean and decorate the bottles with printed stickers
  • Get the outfit and props for the prenup
  • Finalize Guestlist
  • Get layout for the photobooth
  • Change the menu for the reception
  • Get layout from the restaurant
  • Buy shoes for both of us
  • Finish the AVP
  • Buy Principal Sponsors gift
  • Pick up PS fabric from couturier
  • Rent bridal car
  • Buy necktie for groomsmen
  • Buy the bearer’s outfit
  • Confirm with Astoria regarding our booking and leave additional instructions
  • Meet with our OTD and Emcee
It’s pretty overwhelming, but we’re trying to get by. 2 months and a couple of weeks to go!
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